Following Dropbox’s footsteps….

Since taking third place at Rochester’s Startup Weekend last year, we’ve been through quite a few iterations and mini pivots.

Here’s one of our first MVP’s…..a plain video that cost us less than $50 to make and got us on the radar in the ed-tech startup world. Not joking about the $50 either in case any entrepreneurs want to know how to make cheap MVP videos…. ūüôā


Customers are busyyyyy!

This week has been a bit slow trying to set up meetings with our target custies. ¬†Custie = customer in the GradFly world. We’d love to meet with them right away but we understand people are busy and we are grateful for any time anyone is giving us really.

 Despite that, we have a couple of meetings next week, mostly phone chats with admission officers and key marketing decision makers at some universities here in WNY Рincluding Canisius College and Buffalo State.

So although we won’t have that many meetings under our belt this week; we have some ramped up for the next couple of weeks. ¬†It’s all about building momentum and keeping the list full of client emails and phone numbers.¬†

Looking forward to presenting our slides on Friday! 

Testing 1 of 3 Hypotheses: The High School STEM Students

Testing on 1 of 3 Hypotheses

Can you find me in the group of my beta testers? High school students are only one area we need to be testing our hypotheses. ¬†Although I met with this group at Greece-Olympia High School a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been following up with short questions and introducing some of them to our MVP since then. ¬†Lots of good things so far and I’ll be sharing that in subsequent posts!

This whole talking to customers is hard! Especially when you have to test on three different groups.  For us, we have students, colleges, and high-tech companies!

More to come!

Day Numero Uno

Lights…camera…..aaaaand action!

Today was the first day of HTR Launchpad and I can’t tell you how excited we are to be part of an awesome group of people. ¬†Being at Z80 Labs in Buffalo and now HTR Launchpad in Rochester, I can see two different worlds and I’m looking forward to making the best of it with one hell of an entrepreneurial community to be reckoned with!

I feel like there’s so much energy and passion to be unleashed over the next 12 weeks….it’s going to be quite a ride and this blog will be only the beginning of an amazing journey. ¬†I didn’t get a chance to comment on anyone’s presentation on the g-drive documents but everyone did a great job and the feedback we received is good enough to get us pumped to make the next one even better. ¬†Just you wait….

Let’s keep this post short and sweet as I’m sure that the following ones will be a bit lengthier. ¬†A shout out to the mentors/advisors for making all of this happen.

Lessons learned today:

If you have 3 minutes to present, don’t be bashful…use all the time you have and maybe then some.

Bring red-bull to keep your developer from falling asleep in the first row! ¬†ūüôā