“Camaron que se duerme…”


There is an expression in Spanish that goes like this:

“Camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.” 

….which means….the shrimp in the sea that nod off get swept away by the current.

Basically, don’t miss the bus.

My mother used to tell me this when I left anything until the last minute.  For some time, I got away with being the washed-away shrimp – I didn’t really seem to mind. But…this has changed since I’ve become an entrepreneur and startup founder.  There is no way I’m missing that bus.

It’s Monday…and that means I’m up emailing customer leads and trying to talk to anyone who’s either a student, a college official, or an HR professional.  It doesn’t matter who….what matters most is that I’m learning as MUCH as I can about the space I’m getting into.  Since I’m working with three models, that’s thrice as much effort I need to be putting in.  One thing’s for sure, I need to be asking the right questions.

So it’s 11:45am, and I’ve already sent around 10-15 emails asking people for their time to kindly answer some questions and also tell them a little bit about what we’re doing at GradFly.  I have also have two appointments today so it should be good to get some answers down on paper.

So for those having the Monday blues, there is no such thing in entrepreneurship.  It’s all about how fast can you move….even better, how FAST are you willing to move.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’m moving at the speed of light.  Okay, okay, maybe not that fast….but if it helps you do what you do…why not?


One thought on ““Camaron que se duerme…”

  1. Oscar–great entries in your blog and I’m delighted that you’ve already benefitted from connections with your colleagues on other teams in the program. Keep up the pace–it makes all the difference for your success.

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