Proverbs and Platforms

Image“First plant your fields, then build your barn”  (Farming proverb)

If there’s anything we’ve learned lately, it’s that we need to focus on students and students only (hence the sheep 🙂 ) .  If the students aren’t there, it won’t attract the colleges or the companies willing to pay for access to them.  I know it’s necessary to find ways we’re going to monetize the platform but that’s not what this is about right now.  If that means that I have to postpone investment…then that’s what it’s gotta be.

Another thing we’ve learned….(and this is still in development)……is that we should be reaching out to both high school and college students. One could argue that both are very different groups of people.  I agree with you…yes….they are very different and have different needs. High school students are interested in getting into college and finding scholarships…..and college students are looking for internships, research opportunities, and future prospect for jobs.

However, if there’s one common denominator….it’s that both are building incredible innovations.  We’ve seen robots from high school students that blow college student robots out of the water and vice versa.  We learned this just recently actually…..we were strictly working with high school robotics students but then we realized that their mentors…(college students)….were curious about GradFly and some even told us this…”Ya know…I could use this, too.”  A-Ha!

We are going to continue doing what we’ve been doing …….. finding the right recipe for high school and college STEM students to thrive on GradFly.  Because if they’re not using the site, our paying customers aren’t going to give a squat about what we’re trying to do.

However, one thing we are doing is talking to colleges administrators and HR directors from various companies to learn how we can nail the pain of recruiting and sourcing technical talent while we’re building the right community for students.  Thanks to our mentors, we need to continue doing our homework and find that wow-ness around the problem we’re trying to solve.  This will definitely take time and we are aware that need to find those customer nightmares right away.

Other platforms that have gone through this include Yelp, YouTube, Dribbble, Behance.


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