On the road: meet Cameron

ImageCameron is a sophomore at Ithaca High School and is part of Code Red Robotics.  What we really loved about Cameron is that he works so hard on various projects like you see in the picture above but he is not featuring his little widget in any way, shape or form.  Cameron expressed three problems to us:

  • Colleges will never see what he has created (from the nuts-and-bolts to its final stages)
  • Hard to organize and track projects, let alone the various stages of a project.
  • No mobile way to track projects. (he has an iPad and a smart phone)

Cameron was happy to hear that there was a quick and easy tool that was being created for students like him.  After some usability testing and some informal interview questions, Cameron signed up for our beta and will be an active participant in future testing sessions in one of our various cohorts trying out GradFly.

We are here to tell readers that there are so many students like Cameron out there who are brilliant and technically savvy.  Not just in robotics, but in biology, chemistry, engineering, math, etc.  GradFly will unite the nation’s brightest and most innovative brains in the country.

….And we can’t wait to do it. 🙂


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