GradFly featured in Tech This Way Blog

GradFly featured in Tech This Way Blog

I don’t believe in being featured too much in the media before launch,  but it’s okay to do it occasionally to generate some sort of excitement – especially if it involves engaging the STEM community.  We have to start introducing the concept anyways and small articles go a long way.

A big thank you to Rob Merlo for writing up this fantastic article.



Day Numero Uno

Lights…camera…..aaaaand action!

Today was the first day of HTR Launchpad and I can’t tell you how excited we are to be part of an awesome group of people.  Being at Z80 Labs in Buffalo and now HTR Launchpad in Rochester, I can see two different worlds and I’m looking forward to making the best of it with one hell of an entrepreneurial community to be reckoned with!

I feel like there’s so much energy and passion to be unleashed over the next 12 weeks….it’s going to be quite a ride and this blog will be only the beginning of an amazing journey.  I didn’t get a chance to comment on anyone’s presentation on the g-drive documents but everyone did a great job and the feedback we received is good enough to get us pumped to make the next one even better.  Just you wait….

Let’s keep this post short and sweet as I’m sure that the following ones will be a bit lengthier.  A shout out to the mentors/advisors for making all of this happen.

Lessons learned today:

If you have 3 minutes to present, don’t be bashful…use all the time you have and maybe then some.

Bring red-bull to keep your developer from falling asleep in the first row!  🙂