Don’t bite off more than you can chew….

Don't bite off more than you can chew....

When we started HTRL, we were focusing on three markets: 1) students, 2) colleges and 3) high-tech companies.

Now that we’ve reached our fifth week in the program, we realize we’ve been going for the overkill trying to target three big markets. (Not to mention that each of these markets has mini-markets that are yet to be reckoned with.)

Thanks to HTRL leaders and classmates, we’ve made the decision to narrow our focus to just students and colleges. If everything goes well, phase 2 can include companies.

This feels great because now we can focus our efforts reaching students and talking to as many colleges as possible. I feel like a big boulder has been lifted off our backs.

So many things happening… many GOOD things happening!

As one of our mentors puts it….onward and upward!


Railcomm Customer Interview & Discovery

Railcomm Customer Interview & Discovery

A big thank you to Mike Penza for introducing me to Nicki Denny who’s Director of HR at Railcomm. What an incredible meeting and my hand would not stop jotting notes. For those asking what pain I’m solving for companies, I’m getting closer and closer to answering those questions.

Next up, a thank-you card and some chocolates.  I don’t have to…but I want to.

Testing 1 of 3 Hypotheses: The High School STEM Students

Testing on 1 of 3 Hypotheses

Can you find me in the group of my beta testers? High school students are only one area we need to be testing our hypotheses.  Although I met with this group at Greece-Olympia High School a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been following up with short questions and introducing some of them to our MVP since then.  Lots of good things so far and I’ll be sharing that in subsequent posts!

This whole talking to customers is hard! Especially when you have to test on three different groups.  For us, we have students, colleges, and high-tech companies!

More to come!