Cross that bridge when you get to it


It seems like the theme for the last couple of weeks at HTRL has been keeping a good focus during the customer discovery process – and I can’t tell you how important that’s been for us.

After just a month of pitches and presentations, we’ve discovered we can’t do it all. Our markets comprise of high school students, college students, colleges, and high-tech companies.  It might not sound like a lot but when you have to create three separate canvases for each group….it gets complicated very fast.

Fortunately, our mentors have given us tremendous feedback about coming up with a plan to break our markets into phases.  The decision is ours to choose which is the market to go after first.   Since we’ve spent the last year getting to know high school/college students the most, we’ve made the decision to stick with them since we’ve interviewed hundreds of students in Western NY.  Since we are a multisided platform, the other side we’re going after are colleges that are willing to pay for top technical talent.  Phase 2 will include high-tech companies and the talent acquisition market.  There are various assumptions regarding this market but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


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